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Elcio Cabral Melo/Gustavo Scatena

"Neighborhood Friends / New Year’s Eve"

The builder Ronaldo lives in Ubatuba and likes fishing. He is hired by Rocha to build two pillars at the entrance to the street where Rocha lives. When Ronaldo meets Luana, Rocha's wife, Ronaldo tells the couple that he lived there and that Luana and himself were childhood friends -- but Luana doesn't remember. Drunk, she decides to invite the builder Ronaldo to their New Year's Eve party, and he accepts. Vander, Ronaldo's teenage son, prefers not to attend the party. Ronaldo finds out he has been tricked by Rocha, and he decides to take revenge. Vander, the son, afraid that his father will commit a crime, show up with a friend, bringing an date rape drug. When Ronaldo realizes that Vander is involved with criminals, he kicks his son out of the party to get revenge from Rocha and Luana on his own. The son hides and helps the father to take revenge.


Narrative Short

Elcio Cabral Melo/Gustavo Scatena
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