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Gao Yuxin

"A Lovely Loyal Dog"

Gu Xiaoxue and her adoptive mother depended on each other and adopted a stray dog at the demolition site at the age of twelve Xiaoxue cared for the puppy, the puppy was very loyal to his master, rescued Xiaoxue, who almost took poisonous food by mistake, and moved the poisoner simmered with hatred in his heart, resolving a period of resentment. Xiaoxue was admitted to the hospital because of illness, and the puppy waited for his owner at the gate of the hospital every day. Xiaoxue’s birth mother admitted her daughter after the media report. The puppy spent his whole life guarding the kind-hearted Xiaoxue, and finally laid to rest in front of his master’s grave, which was touching.


Narrative Feature Film

Gao Yuxin
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